Know Your Stem Cell History with Gladstone’s Interactive Timeline Tool

Stem cell biology is such a young area of research. It was only in 1998 that the first human embryonic stem cell line was generated by Jamie Thomson. A dizzying amount of breakthrough research has occurred in that short span of time, including the Nobel Prize winning work of Shinya Yamanaka for devising a method for reprogramming adult cells into an embryonic stem cell-like state (aka the induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS) cell technique). Because of the compressed time frame of these discoveries, it’s hard to keep track of the key highlights and the order in which they occurred. And there are plenty of fundamental, decades-old studies which our non-scientist stem cell champions may not be aware of.


The Gladstone’s stem cell timeline tool is fun and informative. Check it out!

That’s where the Gladstone Institutes’ new online stem cell timeline comes to the rescue. Released on October 12th, in celebration of Stem Cell Awareness Day, as well as the tenth anniversary of iPS cells, the timeline has a nifty interactive feature that allows you to swipe through a quick glance of the key milestones over the years. Then, simply tapping on a particular event gives you more detailed information. Check out it on the Gladstone Institutes website. Who knows, it might come in handy at your next pub trivia night or your next crossword puzzle.


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