About CIRM


The mission of CIRM, California’s Stem Cell Agency, is to accelerate stem cell treatments to patients with unmet medical needs. Read more about CIRM’s mission here.

As CIRM’s official blog, The Stem Cellar will be your homebase for discovering the latest and greatest news related to world of CIRM and the field of regenerative medicine.

You can find out more about CIRM on our website.

For more on our awesome bloggers, check out our Stem Cellar Team page.

5 thoughts on “About CIRM

  1. In the video which was dated December 2012, Nan Luke said that she was going to begin taking oral medication for MS. I am interested in her medication and an update on her condition.

  2. I am taking Tecfidera and doing well. Enjoying NO needles! The side effects were mild and temporary 1-2 months. Flushing was helped by taking an aspirin and taking the medicine on a full stomach remedied the mild nausea. Feel like I’ve been given 1/2 to 1 extra day each week- no more flu-like symptoms from the interferon therapy. Will see my neurologist shortly and discuss recent MRI.

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