Regenerative Medicine Takes the Spotlight at this Year’s Largest Biotechnology Convention

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It is time to take regenerative medicine seriously. The world’s most inclusive web site for listing clinical trials,, now has more than 4,000 stem cell trials posted. And the world’s largest biotechnology convention, BIO International, when it kicks off its 2014 edition in San Diego later this month, will include the first ever all-day forum on regenerative medicine—something that has not got much more than a passing nod at previous gatherings.

The BIO leadership asked CIRM to organize the day, and as the principal planner (though with a Y chromosome), I am glad the nine-month gestation is almost over. With the excitement and fear of a soon-to-be new parent I am looking forward to the event Wednesday June 25 at the San Diego Convention Center. I wish I could report that it is open to the public, but it is not. For those who will be at BIO for the week, I hope you will plan to spend that day with us.

We will be presenting five panels with leaders in the field who should provide valuable insights to those new to regenerative medicine as well as those in the thick of trying to accelerate the drive to therapies. Those panels are:

• Regenerative Medicine: Propelling a Paradigm Shift in Medicine and Healthcare Delivery;

• Stem Cells Delivering Results Today as Models of Disease;

• Stem Cells and Gene Therapy, a Great but Challenging Marriage;

• Commercializing a New Therapeutic Modality—Case Studies;

• How International Collaboration Is Accelerating the Field.

These sessions will highlight some of the leading work in California, but also showcase work from around the U.S. and around the world. The speakers will detail the state of the art, but also provide insight into ways their experiences suggest we can accelerate the path to therapies for patients. Finding opportunities to share knowledge gained has always been a central part of CIRM’s mission.

Don Gibbons

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