Milton Berle and the Art of Writing an Award-Winning Stem Cell Essay

It’s not often that you hear famous comedian Milton Berle quoted in an essay about stem cells, but then U.C. Davis researcher and avid blogger Paul Knoepfler wasn’t looking for an ordinary essay as the winner for his recent contest.

Knoepfler launched the contest as a way to give some lucky individual a free registration to the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) annual conference in Vancouver, Canada later this month.

Essay winner Mohamed Gatie

Essay winner Mohamed Gatie

The winning entry came from a student Mohamed Gatie. Here’s his winning essay.

The second place essay came from Sherry Hikita. We met Sherry at the World Stem Cell Summit in San Diego last year where she signed up as one of our Stem Cell Champions.

Second-place winner Sherry Hikita

Second-place winner Sherry Hikita

Congratulations to both Mohamed and Sherry, and of course kudos to Paul for coming up with the idea and helping a fine student get a chance to go to one of the biggest events of the year for a stem cell scientist.

kevin mccormack

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