4 things to know about stem cell clinical trials [Video]

Every day, we receive phone calls and emails from people who are desperately seeking our help. Sometimes they reach out on their own behalf, though often it’s for a family member or close friend. In every case, someone is suffering or dying from a disorder that has no available cure or effective treatment and they look to stem cell treatments as their only hope.

It’s heartbreaking to hear these personal stories that are unfolding in real time. Though they contact us from a wide range of places about a wide range of disorders, their initial set of questions are often similar and go something like this:

  • “Where can I find stem cell clinical trial for my condition?”
  • “What are my chances of being cured?”
  • “How much does it cost to be in a clinical trial?”
  • “How can I be sure it’s safe?”

We think anyone thinking about taking part in a clinical trial should consider these important questions. So, in addition to providing answers as we receive them through phone calls and emails, we wanted to find a way to reach out to as many people as possible. The result? The four-minute animation video you can watch below:

As mentioned in the video, the answers to these questions are only the tip of the iceberg for finding out if a particular clinical trial is right for you. The website, A Closer Look at Stem Cells, produced by the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), is an excellent source for more advice on what things you should know before participating in a stem cell clinical trial or any experimental stem cell treatment.

And visit the Patient Resources section of our website for even more practical information including our growing list of CIRM-funded clinical trials as well as trials supported by our Alpha Stem Cell Clinic Network.

3 thoughts on “4 things to know about stem cell clinical trials [Video]

  1. I had melanoma cancer 40 years ago. The doctors at UCLA thought i would be dead in 6 months max.
    After my surgery they put me into a 2 year experimental program to strengthen my immune system.
    40 years later i an still kicking at 78.
    i also now have minor prostate cancer for which the Dr. is following.
    Can I enter into a program that may help others as to why my system did overcome my melanoma.

    • Dear Nazar,

      Thanks for sharing your story. We aren’t aware of any studies that are seeking long-term survivors of melanoma. We’d suggest contacting the department at UCLA who carried out your treatment. Or the National Cancer Institute may be a good resource. Their home page has a link to a live help line: https://www.cancer.gov/

      Best wishes

  2. Thanks for working on this disease.!
    we hope you work faster on this cure because as you know people sight get worse day by day, wish success for you guys.

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