Help us chart a new direction

It’s hard to get where you want to go without a map. Even if you have a pretty good idea of where you are heading it’s all too easy to get sidetracked or take a wrong turn. Having a good map helps you stay on course.

Charting a course for success

Charting a course for success

That’s why we are creating our own map, to help us reach our goal, of accelerating stem cell therapies to patients with unmet medical needs.

We’re putting together a new Strategic Plan, something that will help shape our future as we head into our second decade. The idea is simple, how can we best use the money we have left (almost one billion dollars) and all our other resources.

To do that we’re asking the usual suspects for their thoughts and ideas, but we’re also asking some unusual suspects, in fact, we’re asking anyone who is interested to help us develop the plan.

As our President and CEO, Dr. C. Randal Mills, said in a news release LINK:

“No one has a monopoly on good ideas, that’s why we want to hear from a diverse group of people, scientists and non-scientists alike, to learn what they think about how we should best use our money, resources, and expertise to reach our goal. This new Strategic Plan will help create a clear vision for how we move forward, one that sets priorities and an actionable approach to accomplish our mission.”

Anyone wishing to add their voice to those helping us develop the plan can take the online anonymous survey. The deadline is the end of the day Friday, June 26th.


As the Chair of our governing Board, Jonathan Thomas, Ph.D., J.D., says:

“We are a state agency. We were created by the people of California and we answer to the people of California. It makes sense that for something this important, a Strategic Plan that will help shape our future for years to come, that we ask the people of California for their thoughts and suggestions.”

Science is filled with uncertainty. Even the most promising therapeutic approach can take a wrong turn. Having a clear road map, a well thought out Strategic Plan, is no guarantee of success, but it certainly means we’ll have a much better idea of how to get where we want to go.

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