Are you jumbled up by stem cell jargon? This two minute animation is your new best friend.

Disease in a dish, iPS, induced pluripotent cells, differentiation, Yamanaka factors, embryonic vs adult stem cells. Do you grapple with clearly understanding this stem cell jargon? Or maybe you’re a stem cell scientist who struggles to explain it? Well, then the animated video Drawn to Science: Stem Cells in Research is a must see for you (watch it above or here).

The video, produced for Roche’s Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED) unit, uses simple yet clever hand drawn animation with a concise, easy-to-understand script, to brilliantly sum up the current state of stem cell research in a mere 160 seconds. Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a comment from a non-scientist You Tube viewer:

Outstanding job! I’m no scientist, but I could actually understand what is being communicated!! Great artwork and delivery, too! 

While there are plenty of videos and text out there that also explain these topics (for example, see our Progress and Promise or Stem Cell Basics video series as well as our as Stem Cell Basics Primer), I think the more you stem cell enthusiasts watch and read the more you’ll be able to grasp the amazing progress in the field. And for stem cell scientists, I think this type of video can give you new ideas for explaining your research to students, reporters, and those who fund your work.


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