Stem Cell Awareness Day 10/3/12 – what are you doing to spread the word?

Visitors tour stem cell research labs at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research  Institute

What are you doing October 3? If your answer doesn’t have something to do with stem cell events, it’s time to start planning. That date marks the fifth annual Stem Cell Awareness Day, an international effort to educate people about the field of stem cell research. You can learn more about the day on the website:

Last year, Stem Cell Awareness Day brought 31 events in four U.S. states and seven countries. Those events ranged from public lectures to opportunities for people to tour stem cell labs and meet some of the patients who could benefit from stem cell research.

Each year CIRM also encourages stem cell scientists to visit high school classes and talk about their research. Last year, scientists spoke with more than 1,000 students throughout California.

We’ll be updating the Events section of the Stem Cell Awareness Day website as we learn about events being hosted throughout California or in other states or countries. If you don’t see events at an institution near you, we encourage you to contact the institution and let them know that you’d like to attend a public lecture. Better yet, offer to help put something together or ask a researcher to visit your patient advocacy group.

Researchers who are interested in visiting classrooms or participating in public events should contact Don Gibbons

We have more information on our website about how you can get involved in stem cell awareness throughout the year. That information is on our Get Involved page.


One thought on “Stem Cell Awareness Day 10/3/12 – what are you doing to spread the word?

  1. This…

    Judge OKs stem cell cure for 2-year-old girl
    The Associated Press
    Published: Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012 – 3:37 am
    MILAN — Doctors are preparing an emergency one-off stem cell treatment for 2-year-old Venetian girl suffering a severe muscular disease after a judge revoked an order blocking the cure.
    Brescia hospital officials said Thursday the treatment for Celeste Carrer would begin within days. Carrer suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, which has a life expectancy of about two years. Her family reported marked improvement after beginning the experimental treatment this winter. But the stem cell lab was shut down in May after Italy's drug agency determined it was not hygienic and had violated procedures. A judge in Venice has allowed one treatment pending a final ruling, expected next week, on the family's appeal. Besides reactivating the lab, doctors must determine if the stem cells from the girl's mother remain viable.

    …seems like the judge cares. A nice alternative than letting the baby get ravaged by the disease with no hope!

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