Partnering event helps move research into therapies

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine is once again collaborating with CIRM on a Partnering Forum associated with the annual Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa in La Jolla. According to their press release:

This forum provides a unique opportunity within the regenerative medicine field to facilitate translational research, encourage PI engagement with the business community, and provide the opportunity for hundreds of business, academic research and investor participants to connect for one-on-one meetings and strategic partnering.

Admittedly, talking about “strategic partnering” doesn’t have the same feel-good vibe as talking about new cures, but the two are intertwined. Many of the projects CIRM funds are going to need help from investors and industry to take their research through clinical trials and to patients. Events like this one bring together great research and potential investors and it’s those relationships that will bring the new cures.

The meeting is still a ways off – it doesn’t start until October 29 – but you can see preliminary speaker lists and attendees at the web site:


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