Actress, screenwriter and stem cell agency Board member talks about her commitment to Alzheimer’s

Lauren Miller being sworn in as a member of the stem cell agency Board

The members of our governing Board do an incredible job helping fund the best science and ensuring that we do everything we can to fulfill our mission. But even though they work hard most people know very little about them, how they ended up on the Board or what their goals and aspirations for their work with the stem cell agency are.

So it was a pleasant surprise to read the latest blog from U.C. Davis stem cell scientist and CIRM grantee, Paul Knoepfler, Ph.D. It’s an interview with one of the newest members of our Board, Lauren Miller.

Along with her advocacy credits Lauren is also an accomplished actress, screen writer and movie producer. In the interview she talks about the family history that pushed her to become a Patient Advocate for Alzheimer’s research, and how she hopes to raise awareness about the disease among younger people.

Here’s Paul’s interview.

In the interview Lauren talks about her husband, Seth Rogen’s testimony to Congress on Alzheimer’s. We wrote a blog about that and included a link to video of the event.

kevin mccormack

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