CIRM’s top ten stem cell blog posts of 2013

Google “top 10 of 2013” and you’ll find lists of every topic imaginable: the top songs, movies, smartphones, college football plays of year – you name it. So to get a piece of the action, below we’ve posted our 10 most-viewed blog posts of 2013.

One thing is clear from our list: you readers are hungry for the latest stem cell research results as our top two posts of year focused on fundamental discoveries about the role of stem cells in osteoarthritis and the aging heart. There was also the intriguing identification by a UCSF CIRM grantee of a stem cell from adult tissue that appears to have all the potential of an embryonic stem cell. The report of successful human therapeutic cloning, one of the most significant stem cell stories of 2013, also made for a popular blog post.

In addition to science reports, you enjoyed our stories about patient advocacy and education. The third most popular blog this year was a guest post by Katie Jackson, a Huntington’s disease advocate whose husband has tested positive for the incurable, fatal disease (CIRM is funding a UC Davis team that aims to bring a stem cell-based therapy for Huntington’s to clinical trials). Our top 5 blog post by Geoff Lomax, CIRM’s senior medical ethics officer, helped inform readers about the current state of embryo donations for stem cell research. Also on the list was a background story on our Ask the Expert Parkinson’s disease video that featured CIRM grantee and Buck Institute researcher Xianmin Zeng. One of our most successful social media education campaigns of 2013 was our elevator pitch contest, which included a popular blog post.

When we get back in the office on the 2nd, this list will help guide our blog posts for the new year. We look forward to the exciting stem cell stories that await us. Until then, have a happy New Year’s and thanks for visiting!

Most Viewed CIRM Blog Posts of 2013

  1. New stem cell culprit in osteoarthritis points to potential therapy 
  2. Becoming young at heart: single protein helps old hearts appear young in mice 
  3. A patient’s story of hope for a Huntington’s disease therapy 
  4. Ask the Expert: Parkinson’s and Stem Cell Research with the Buck Institute’s Xianmin Zeng
  5. Numbers matter in frozen embryo donation 
  6. CIRM grantee at UCSF discovers new, flexible stem cell 
  7. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most influential of them all? 
  8. Wow your audience: join CIRM’s science elevator pitch challenge 
  9. Stressed out? Fear not: small doses might be good for your stem cells 
  10. Caffeine held the key to creating embryonic stem cells from cloned embryo

Todd Dubnicoff

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