Best of the blog: Progress in cancer research

Despite decades of scientific progress, cancer remains the second most common cause of death in the United States, accounting for a quarter of all deaths. On this blog, we’ve written many times about how our grantees are progressing toward cancer treatment, but we wanted to pull the best of those posts into one place. Here are some of the most interesting posts if you want to learn more about cancer research by CIRM grantees.

  1. The heart of cancer: Cancer stem cells shown to exist in three tumors
  2. Clinical trial to thwart cancer stem cells may begin soon
  3. Taking a bite of out of stem cell mysteries: a new role for a cancer protein
  4. Single antibody developed by CIRM grantee fights many tumors
  5. A tale of two labs: collaborating scientists uncover how cancer stem cells remake bone marrow cavities
  6. Genomics and stem cell research give patient her life back 
  7. Stem cells carrying gold nanoparticles could treat tumors, spare healthy tissue
  8. Pregnancy alters breast stem cells, lowers cancer risk
  9. Teaching the immune system to fight skin cancer
  10. Personalized medicine may help treat childhood brain tumors

For a complete list of cancer research we’ve funded, see the cancer fact sheets on brain tumors, leukemia, skin cancer  and solid tumors on our website.

Rina Shaikh-Lekso

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