Best of the blog: Progress in Alzheimer’s disease research

More than 5 million people in the country suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and doctors estimate that about half to three-quarters of all dementia patients have Alzheimer’s.

On this blog we often write about how our grantees are progressing toward a therapy for the disease, but we wanted to pull the best of those posts into one place. Here are some of the most interesting posts if you want to learn the latest about Alzheimer’s disease and research by CIRM grantees.

1. New Alzheimer’s Ask the Expert video: Of stem cells, iphones and a cellular black box 

2. Who’s the boss of the brain? How stem cells repair damage

3. Lawrence Goldstein discusses Alzheimer’s & ALS research, need for more funding

4. Defective garbage disposal cells in brain may explain Alzheimer’s tol

5. Alzheimer’s disease could be helped by a type of brain cell recently generated from embryonic stem cells

6. Understanding Alzheimer’s by watching errant neuron proteins in real-time 

7. Alzheimer’s disease in a dish provides hope, avenue to therapies

8. National war on Alzheimer’s disease brings hope to patients and caregivers 

For a complete list of Alzheimer’s disease research we’ve funded, see the Alzheimer’s fact sheet on our website.

Rina Shaikh-Lesko

2 thoughts on “Best of the blog: Progress in Alzheimer’s disease research

  1. Hello, this is the first time that I have ever visited your blog, and I was hoping to leave a comment before I left. I usually try and offer some bit of information or ask a question in order to create a new conversation when I chose to leave a comment, but that is not what I am feeling this tonight. Instead, I just wanted to try and portray through words (this can be difficult) how much I appreciated finding a post that could take me to this many important articles on Alzheimer's research.

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