Getting business and scientists LinkedIn to further stem cell therapies

CIRM wants to be “LinkedIn” with the For-Profit stem cell community, including companies located within California and outside of California. Please take a look at the CIRM LinkedIn forum and introduce yourself on our new discussion thread, “Introduce Your Company”.

Why is CIRM using the LinkedIn forum for this information?

  1. Because it is a good resource. The CIRM LinkedIn forum is a networking group with over 1,600 members including CIRM Grantees.
  2. Because we can’t use the CIRM website. CIRM would love to have a page on its website talking about great companies in the stem cell field. However, as a State Agency, CIRM must not give the appearance of endorsement and so we cannot maintain a list of vendors, whether they are within the state of California, in another state, or outside of the US all together.

CIRM is interested in developing relationships with for profit companies that are able to provide products and services for our grantess. For example, CIRM has had a relationship with univerCELLMarketplace for a couple of years now. Companies have been invited to join the univerCELL database which has a California regional profile listing companies developing therapeutics and companies supplying products and services for research applications. The univerCELL database has been useful for CIRM as an information resource as well as a statistical comparison for California based companies. However, CIRM is also interested in knowing more about companies outside the great state of California.

The genesis of our new LinkedIn Forum “Introduce Your Company” was from the Cell Therapy Industry Group which had a wonderful thread on its LinkedIn Forum called – “Introduce Your Company, Product and/or Service”. We greatly admire this thread, and imitation being the most sincere form of flattery, have decided to imitate it on the CIRM LinkedIn.

We anticipate this new thread will be useful for CIRM’s Grantees to learn about companies who have products and services which will help them in their CIRM sponsored research. We have placed a link to this thread on our website at the “Resources for Researchers” webpage where we also maintain information about the univerCELL database.

We would like to continue to encourage California companies to register with univerCELL, as well as introducing yourself on the CIRM LinkedIn thread. If you are not a California company, please introduce yourself on LinkedIn and consider the benefits of developing a presence in California (see the CIRM website for information on funding programs).

Finally, as part of CIRM’s Industry Engagement and Commercialization Plan, CIRM is continually developing new programs to link CIRM Grantees with the companies who can help them with their translational development efforts. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Neil Littman, CIRM Business Development Officer, or Cynthia Schaffer, CIRM Project Manager.

Neil Littman is the Business Development Officer at CIRM

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