Lawrence Goldstein discusses Alzheimer’s & ALS research, need for more funding

The online life sciences news site Mendelspod recently interviewed our grantee Lawrence Goldstein from the University of California, San Diego about his stem cell research into Alzheimer’s disease and ALS (Lou Gehrhig’s disease).

Having interviewed Goldstein a number of times myself, it’s not a surprise to me that he ended up having things to say on a number of topics beyond those two diseases, including making the case for more science funding.

They’ve broken the interview down into a series of short takes, which you can listen to here.

In an intro to the interviews, they quote Goldstein on the topic of funding for Alzheimer’s therapies:

“In the United States, the annual cost to the healthcare system of Alzheimer’s disease is somewhere between $200 and $250 billion,” he says in today’s show. “The entire NIH appropriation is $30 billion.” He goes on to point out that the amount of the NIH budget for Alzheimer’s research–our only hope for alleviating the burden of the disease on the healthcare system–is $500 million. “The ratio of cost of research to cost of care is terrifying….This is insanity! We’re bleeding money and doing next to nothing to stop the bleeding.”

We talked to Goldstein about a year ago for our Ask the Expert video series where he made a similar call for for new therapies.


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