Stem cell agency launches new website: more information, easier to use

We are very proud to announce CIRM’s new website:

It’s certainly more beautiful than our old site, but in this case beauty is more than skin deep. It also has a lot of new features to help people stay up to date on stem cell research and follow our progress.

One big change is on our searchable grants table: In the past, if you clicked on the title of one of those awards you could read information about what the researchers were hoping to accomplish with our funding. Now, you can learn what they’ve actually done: we’re providing summaries of their yearly progress and see publications that have resulted from the funding.

Our video guru Todd Dubnicoff has also dramatically redone the video section of our site: . It’s now easy to filter those videos to find the ones that discuss disease areas that are of interest to you, or to find talks from a public seminar you attended.

We also have a new and improved CIRM FAQ to give you information about our funding, our mission and our progress:

In addition to these new features, you’ll still be able to find information about our funding, our progress and stem cell research that we had on our previous site. Here’s a few quick reference URLs to help you find information about CIRM:

 I hope everybody finds the new web site easier to use and filled with information about the value of our stem cell research funding.


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