NIH vs. CIRM funding of stem cell research #wscs12

Geoff Lomax took this photo during a talk by Joshua Hunsberger form the NIH Center for Regenerative Medicine during the World Stem Cell Summit. It shows the type of stem cell research funded by the NIH during 2011. By far, the largest percentage (47%) has gone to tissue-specific stem cells in animals. Human embryonic stem cell research makes up 9% of the funding and other forms of human stem cells make up 30%.

The chart below shows CIRM’s total stem cell research funding (you can see more charts on our website). All of the funding shown here is for human stem cells, with embryonic stem cell research making up by far the largest percentage.

Like the NIH, CIRM funds research using all types stem cells because until we’ve done the research we can’t know which type of cell or which approach will be most effective for different diseases.


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