Happy Birthday CIRM! We’re turning 8 today

Eight years ago today, 59% of California voters said yes to funding stem cell research in the state. That vote created the state’s stem cell agency, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Since then, we had to fight off legal hurdles, encourage California researchers to start working in the field, and build those researchers quality space to carry out their research.

Now, eight years later, that early funding is paying off. The state is home to a thriving stem cell research community, including new companies that were either lured to the state by CIRM or were formed based on our early funding. We’ve created jobs, brought in revenue for the state, and are now eagerly waiting for the start of several stem cell clinical trials based on our earlier funding.

We have made tremendous progress in a relatively short time. We still have work to do but thanks to the support of the voters of California, we know we are well on the way to our goal of producing therapies and cures for deadly diseases and disorders.

Learn more about what we’ve done:

(And PS: please vote!)


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