Where are our projects on the path to the clinic? Find out

Phases of the therapy development pipeline

I’ve been spending time recently updating CIRM’s website to reflect all the new awards that came out of last month’s Disease Team funding. About a year ago, when I first posted sections to the website showing our projects that are headed toward disease therapies I could see the entire list without scrolling. Try that now:

Here’s a link to our therapy-focused projects online.

We now have 71 projects worth more than $530 million all working toward disease therapies. Some of these are at the earliest stages—trying to show that their idea for a therapy has potential. Other projects, like ones for melanoma, osteoporosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Huntington’s disease, vascular disease and SCID (“bubble boy disease”) all intend to complete at least one phase of testing their therapy in clinical trials in the next four years.

As I go through and add the new projects to the list, I can’t help but think of all the patient advocates I’ve met during my time at CIRM who have spoken so passionately for funding in their disease area. For almost every disease category, there is a person I’ve met who either has the disease or who is caring for a family member with that disease. We don’t have cures yet, but I do like seeing all the promising therapies coming down the pipeline.

For people with an interest in a specific disease, you can go to our disease pages and see all the projects focused on that disease area. The pages also have all of our videos that focus on that disease. In therapy development jargon, the group of projects that are working toward therapies is called a therapy development portfolio.

You can see that portfolio on our website, and also download documents we’ve created as handouts to explain our funding strategy. (Those PDFs are at the top of the page.)


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