CIRM looking for a few good ambassadors

On Wednesday the CIRM governing board heard from the external review panel that evaluated CIRM’s activities. (You can read their report and bios here.)

One especially interesting portion of the conversation had to do with outreach: how do we let the people of California know about our progress? The panel and several board members mentioned our video program (YouTube videos are available here) and social media (here’s our Twitter and Facebook pages, if you want to follow us).

Beyond these attempts at reaching the people of California, the panel recommended engaging patient advocates and building communities of stem cell evangelists who can talk about the power of the research in California.

I’d love feedback. Anyone reading this blog is at least somewhat engaged with CIRM and stem cell research. Would you be willing to help us spread the word? Do you have recommendations for how we can reach more people? Are you a patient advocate who would like to get more involved in rallying support for CIRM and stem cell research?

If yes, let me know your thoughts on what we can do at CIRM or how you want to help.

Just keep in mind that although we have quite a bit of money for research, we can only spend a tiny fraction of that for administration and our staff is small.

I look forward to your ideas!


5 thoughts on “CIRM looking for a few good ambassadors

  1. I've seen first hand that nothing is more powerful for us non-scientists than seeing the actual neuronal cells under the microscope, beating heart cells made from stem cells, or kidney stem cells growing. Seeing is believing. When a visitor sees this in a real stem cell lab with the actual researcher–the observer gets quiet and humbled because they just got a glimpse into the future of medicine and cures for people. So I recommend more lab tours even more than straight lectures from the researchers.

  2. I have hundreds of contacts in the field of regenerative medicine in the news media, biotechnology, nonprofit and academic sectors. I would be happy to help the CIRM in a consulting capacity to engage, inform and mobilize organizations I am in contact with.

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