Hope for broken hearts this Valentine’s Day – a clinical trial to repair the damage

Broken hearts have inspired poets and writers and composers for as long as there has been literature and music. It’s a timeless subject with endless variations. But broken hearts have also inspired scientists and some of the stem cell researchers we are funding are working hard to find ways to repair the physical damage caused by disease and injury.

This video shows heart muscle cells created from embryonic stem cells, and even though they are in a dish in the laboratory, they are still beating in time, the way they would inside a person.

Another of our heart research projects, Capricor, is about to enter into a Phase 2 clinical trial this year, using stem cells to repair damage caused by a heart attack.

We can’t guarantee these will ease the pain of a heart broken by love, but giving someone a second chance at life so they can fall in love all over again is at least a start.

You can read about these and other stem cells that could be used to treat heart damage after heart attacks, or repair damage in kids born with heart defects on our heart disease fact sheet. 

kevin mccormack

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