CIRM and Scotland team up in stem cell research collaboration

Last week CIRM and Scottish Development International, which promotes science research and economic development in Scotland, signed an agreement to collaborate on stem cell research.

This agreement marks 12th international funding agency to sign a collaborative agreement with CIRM. The agency also has agreements with federal and state funding agencies and foundations within in the U.S.

These agreements serve a valuable role in accelerating stem cell therapies. As a state agency, CIRM can only fund research within California. In some cases, however, those California scientists benefit from the expertise of colleagues who reside outside the state. With the collaborative agreements in place, the California scientists can find the best partners for developing new therapies. CIRM funds the California scientists and the collaborative funder supports the research in their jurisdiction.

We have a page on our website that lists the funding agreements and describes the process. You can also see all CIRM awards that include a collaborative funder. Altogether, these arrangements have leveraged more than $60 million dollars for stem cell research internationally.

The press release quotes Danny Cusick, president of the Americas for the Scottish Development International.

“We are committed to supporting Scottish-based companies to work with California scientists and businesses to further boost Scotland’s profile as the primary location to undertake clinical trials, create new opportunities for California companies to (invest) in Scotland and increase customers for our rapidly growing stem cell supply chain.”

CIRM president Alan Trounson talks about the collaborative funding agreements as creating a 24-hour-per-day stem cell workforce. “With our partners located around the world, the sun never sets on CIRM teams working toward new therapies.”


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