A word from our Chair, several in fact

In 2005, the New Oxford American Dictionary named “podcast” its word of the year. At the time a podcast was something many had heard of but not that many actually tuned in to. My how times have changed. Now there are some two million podcasts to chose from, at least according to the New York Times, and who am I to question them.

Yesterday, in the same New York Times, TV writer Margaret Lyons, wrote about how the pandemic helped turn her from TV to podcasts: “Much in the way I grew to prefer an old-fashioned phone call to a video chat, podcasts, not television, became my go-to medium in quarantine. With their shorter lead times and intimate production values, they felt more immediate and more relevant than ever before.”

I mention this because an old colleague of ours at CIRM, Neil Littman, has just launched his own podcast and the first guest on it was Jonathan Thomas, Chair of the CIRM Board. Their conversation ranged from CIRM’s past to the future of the regenerative field as a whole, with a few interesting diversions along the way. It’s fun listening. And as Margaret Lyons said it might be more immediate and more relevant than ever before.

2 thoughts on “A word from our Chair, several in fact

  1. Hello Mr. McCormack. I enjoy The Stem Celluar daily updates. In the future it would be informative to have articles about phase three clinical trials that have been completed and the next steps for them. I’m particularly interested in the Parkinson’s disease results as my buddy has that disease. It is difficult for us not so computer literates to navigate the web in search of results.
    Thanks to all for their dedication and amazing work.
    Steve Knief

    • Thanks Steve, we would love to be able to report results on therapies after they have completed phase 3 clinical trials. Soon as we have any information on those we’ll do that. Particularly for conditions like Parkinson’s which affect so many people. Thanks for your support.

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