The 10 Most Popular Stem Cellar Stories of 2015

Each new year is exciting for CIRM because it means we’re one year closer to funding a stem cell therapy that will be approved for the treatment of an unmet medical need.

strategy-wide2015 was especially exciting for us. Under our new president Randy Mills, we launched our accelerated funding process, CIRM 2.0, and received Board approval of our new Strategic Plan for the next five years. We’ve also funded a number of promising clinical trials for diseases and conditions such as blindness, cancer, and spinal cord injury. (For more about the 15 clinical trials we are funding, read our recent blog).

We’ve covered many of these accomplishments in our Stem Cellar blog, but we’ve also written about a plethora of other exciting and game-changing stem cell stories from around the world. It’s always fun at the end of the year to look back and see what were the most popular and impactful stories with our readers.

So here they are, the Top 10 Most Popular Stem Cellar Blogs of 2015 (in order):

  1. CIRM-Funded UC-Irvine Team Set to Launch Stem Cell Trial for Retinitis Pigmentosa in 2015
  1. Three teams empower patients’ immune systems to oust cancer
  1. CIRM-funded clinical trial for spinal cord injury reports promising results
  1. One-Time, Lasting Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease May be on Horizon, According to New CIRM-Funded Study
  1. From Stem Cells to Cures with Shinya Yamanaka and Google Ventures
  1. UCLA team cures infants of often-fatal “bubble baby” disease by inserting gene in their stem cells; sickle cell disease is next target
  1. Cartilage Repair using Embryonic Stem Cells: A Promising Path to Treating Millions of Osteoarthritis Sufferers
  1. Newly Identified Stem Cells Breathe Life into Lung Disease Therapy
  1. Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury Back on Track
  1. CIRM fights cancer: $56 million for 5 clinical trials to vanquish tumors for good

From Team Stem Cellar, we want to say a huge Thank You to all our loyal readers and to those who’ve supported our mission to bring stem cell therapies to patients. Have a happy New Year and see you in 2016!!

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